Marketing Strategies to attract customers

Marketing Strategies to Attract More Customers

Want to know different marketing strategies big brands use to promote their business and earn a big amount of revenue? then keep reading

We will explain what are advertisements and how do they work as well as different marketing and advertising techniques to attract more customers!

What are Advertisements and how do they work?

Advertisements or Ads as we know them, play a vital role in any business or a product by attracting its customers by showing them its use and importance in their everyday lives.

Advertisements are the core of any brand or product in the market otherwise it would be just like arranging a grand birthday party without any invitation call!

What are the Marketing Strategies to attract customers?

Now the question arises that what advertising techniques should one follow to attracts customers while following different marketing strategies?

The Marketing strategies are commonly executed through the four groups of variables commonly known as the four Ps.

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

Keeping into consideration the former Marketing strategies, following advertising techniques can be followed to attract customers at its best.

List of Advertisements technique to attract customers :

1. Pre-Internet Techniques

Promotional Banner
Promotional Banner on tall Buildings

Billboards, TV, Radio, Newspaper and Magazines may feel like old school but are still the basic advertisement technique followed by new businesses, products or brands to show the availability of their product to their common customers.

2. Social Media

Social Media Icons on Mobile Screen
Social Media Icons on Mobile Screen

Facebook, Twitter, Insta, WhatsApp and others are all social media strategies followed by sellers to attract their buyers.

These methods of advertisements give you direct access towards your clients.

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3. Events and Sponsorship

Two Business Person Talking
Two Business Person Talking while Sitting on Table

Getting a sponsor or setting up an event near the location of your clients is an effective way to get a face to face link to your customer and having an opportunity of customer satisfaction which is mandatory for a new product.

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4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO Info graphic with Related Words
SEO Infographic with Related Words

The SEO technique gives a chance to the product to show a false illusion of their increasing demand in town.

It works by optimizing search engines like Google etc. to show your product name, image or sign on the first showed list when searched during a content.

5. Samples and Promotion

Sale Tag
Sales Tag image with Blurred Clothing shop Background

Placing promotions in your new products gives an opportunity to the customers to give it a try. It aids the product as the customer buys it ignoring their doubts for a new brand.

Samples help to attract customers especially those prone to a specific brand.

Explainer Videos are the Best way to engage your Customers, Statistic shows that Explainer Video can boost User engagement up to 70%!

6. Signs and Slogans

Black holding with white Logo and Slogan written on it
One black holding with white Logo and Slogan written on it

Signs and Slogans help to give a boost to your advertisement by clicking the product on the mind of the customer as soon as they see the sign or read a slogan of a particular product.

It also shows the availability and attainability of the product near their area or location.

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7. Partnership

Two business person Handshake

A partnership of an upcoming brand with a running one in the market helps to promote it directly to the already hooked customers and clients. It not only gives the satisfaction to customer attraction but also works in favor of the investment plan strategy.

Bonus Video

Checkout youtube video of Steve Job’s Amazing Marketing Strategy


In short, customers are the most valuable thing a business can have. Because obviously, a business can’t survive without them. And to have a running business satisfied customers are needed. So for that, it is important to attract them consistently so that they keep returning to your business.

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